Fishawack represents a set of values and a vision. It will evolve as a network of complementary companies that will strive to achieve excellence across a range of business areas. They will maintain the independent thinking status of small units whilst offering the combined resources of a single organisation. By being the best at what we do, each of us can be satisfied that our time and effort is of value. With this belief comes confidence in the company, team members and ourselves. Clients are our partners in business. We therefore seek to work with clients who share our values. We should show clients the same degree of respect as we wish to be shown. All our dealings with clients should reflect this, and demonstrate an honesty and integrity in approach. Our behaviour will be governed by professional standards whilst being free to express individuality.

Fishawack is a company of individuals. People are our greatest asset and we recognise that the quality of the people govern the worth of the company. Careful recruitment is therefore central to shaping the company and we will only select individuals who will actively contribute to the future development of the company. The work environment is a key part of all of our lives and therefore each team member should be given every opportunity to develop their role, to achieve job satisfaction, to interact socially with their colleagues and to support others in achieving the same goals. Fishawack actively encourages individuals to input into the shape of the organisation. Individuals can express their views and opinions, and can expect to receive an open and fair-minded response.

Our business has a responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate. It is our goal to make a fair profit.
Our activities should support this goal. Individuals will benefit from the continued prosperity of the organisation.

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