Who is Fishawack?

Fishawack is a group of dynamic healthcare communications companies with a reputation built on excellence and creativity. Fishawack is a group of individuals bound by a common philosophy and a commitment to providing a premium medical communications service tailored to meet our clients' individual needs. Our hand-picked team fuses scientific, marketing and creative expertise with fresh thinking and enthusiasm. We believe that our clients' endorsement is the best testament to the success of our approach. In keeping with its namesake, Fishawack is increasingly recognised to confer positive effects on all those who have contact with it.

The Fishawack Group of Companies operates under 5 main brands as follows

Fishawack Communications
Fishawack Communications is a full-service medical communications agency with teams in the UK, Switzerland and the USA.

Fishawack Facilitate
Fishawack Facilitate delivers full-service medical communications and their unique Independent Global Leadership Boards® from their office in the UK

Fishawack Indicia logo
Fishawack Indicia is a separate company within the Fishawack Group responding to industry demand for specialist publication and scientific services firewalled from other communication activities.

JK Associates
JK Medical Communications is a full-service medical communications agency based near Philadelphia (USA) combining both global and US domestic communications expertise.

JK Associates
Carling Group of Companies is comprised of Carling Communications, a full-service creative agency specialising in award-winning work for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, and MCME Global, which specialises in medical education. Carling is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA, with an office in London, UK.

health cirlce uk
Healthcircle are a full-service strategic brand communications agency. With extensive experience in direct-to-patient communications, creative digital solutions and creative med-comms, HealthCircle have consistently won awards for their surprising and innovative creative work. HealthCircle are headquartered in London, UK with an office in Cascais, Portugal.



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