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Fishawack celebrates 10 years

Posted on Dec 18, 2011

Knutsford, UK — The Fishawack Group of Companies is celebrating 10 years of excellence, creativity, growth and enjoyment.

Fishawack Communications was founded in 2001 by Oliver Dennis and Dominic Miller near Manchester in the UK. The company expanded rapidly and a southern office was soon established near Oxford. A strong partnership was developed with US-based agencies Nexus and Indicia and, following a period of steady growth, this was formalised to provide a significant US base for the Fishawack Group. Further acquisitions included Alpha-Plus and most recently PHOCUS, providing a strategic presence in Basel and New Jersey. The Fishawack team now numbers over 100 people across the UK, USA and Switzerland, making it one of the largest independent medical communications agencies.

"Creativity, scientific excellence and an enjoyment of what we do have been core to our teams across Fishawack from the start," explained Oliver Dennis, CEO of the Fishawack Group of Companies. "We are proud that these values remain central to our mission to deliver the best for our clients and stay at the forefront of medical communications."

"Over the past 10 years, the landscape of medical communications and the wider pharmaceutical industry have changed significantly, and so our clients’ needs are constantly evolving," added Gail Flockhart, who joined Fishawack Communications as Managing Director in 2009. "At Fishawack, we pride ourselves on our response to the environmental changes that drive opportunity and challenge for our clients."

At Fishawack, this has resulted in initiatives such as creating separate, firewalled teams for scientific and promotional activities, and integration and expansion of the Group’s digital services. Furthermore, stakeholder relationship development has also been added, with experienced leaders from the pharma industry joining the Fishawack Group in the USA and UK. Fishawack is consequently well placed to support clients in navigating effectively through the increasingly complex and diverse range of stakeholders that are important for successful product development and commercialisation.

"We have accomplished a lot since 2001," commented Dominic Miller, Fishawack’s Chief Financial Officer, "and are proud of our achievements. For example, companies within the Fishawack Group have been appointed to the preferred supplier lists of 12 of the top 20 pharma companies to date. This position would not be possible without outstanding client focus, excellent delivery and the breadth of staff, services and locations that the Group now offers."

About the Fishawack Group

The Fishawack Group of Companies is an independent network of medical communications agencies with offices in Knutsford and Abingdon in the UK, North Wales PA and Lambertville NJ in the USA, and Basel, Switzerland. For 10 years, we have been partnering with global and regional pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop and deliver activities such as strategic and tactical communications planning, publication planning, medical writing, external expert engagement, event management, digital solutions and professional education throughout the product life cycle. More recently, we have expanded and enhanced our expertise in the field of stakeholder relations. We have built our reputation on excellence, creativity and transparency.

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