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Fishawack Scientific Communications hits the mark for compliance with clients

Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Knutsford, UK — Fishawack Scientific Communications, a division of the Fishawack Group of Companies, has successfully used their expert knowledge of best practice in publications and compliance to secure five new clients in the first half of 2012.

Fishawack Scientific Communications Ltd was established as a separate entity within the Fishawack Group in response to industry demand to firewall publication and scientific projects from promotional activities. An independent team of publication experts and writers was brought together across Fishawack’s US and UK offices to fulfil growing needs for both separation of activities and for timely publication of clinical trials.

“The continued positive response to the Fishawack Scientific Communications offering has been excellent,” said Dr Rachel Sherman, Head of Fishawack Scientific Communications. “We believe that our depth of publications expertise together with our compliance understanding, growing number of Certified Medical Publication Professionals, and broad range of therapy area experience, explain why we are now delivering scientific publications for more than twelve products across our clients within the first few months of establishing this unit.”

“Creating Fishawack Scientific Communications has been a high priority to maintain our integrity and defend the ethical nature of our publication services,” explained Gail Flockhart, Managing Director of Fishawack. “The team are experienced in auditable process that many of our clients need to address in order to achieve compliance with corporate integrity agreements. They also understand the challenges associated with publishing our clients’ study backlogs. We’re delighted that our proactive approach to ensuring transparency and best practice in writing support for scientific publications has struck a chord with our clients and is meeting their exacting criteria.”

“This latest initiative represents one of a number of developments we have implemented across the Fishawack Group to reinforce our positioning as a communications specialist for the pharmaceutical industry,” added Oliver Dennis, CEO of the Fishawack Group. “Clients are looking for specialists to handle their communications with expertise and initiative, and Fishawack Scientific Communications delivers exactly that for scientific publications.”

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