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Fishawack’s new website spearheads an expanding digital presence

Posted on Mar 12, 2013

Knutsford, UK — The Fishawack Group of Companies has launched a new website, spearheading the Group’s expanding presence in the digital healthcare landscape.

Fishawack has delivered ‘multimedia’ projects for many years, but in response to the changing environment has grown their Digital team over the past few years, bringing together experts in online and mobile technologies, as well as digital design.

“We have an integrated approach to digital projects,” explained Dr Martin Callaghan, Fishawack’s Digital Business Director. “For every such project, we blend Fishawack’s long-standing excellence in development of scientific content with the technical and design expertise of our Digital team. ‘Digital’ can mean many things to many people, but central to its effectiveness is the quality of the information communicated and its delivery via the platforms favoured by the recipients, whether it’s a symposium webcast, e-learning programme, or mobile app.”

“Everyone knows that healthcare professionals are increasingly using digital sources to access information both online and on the move,” added Gail Flockhart, Managing Director of Fishawack. “We have the expertise across Fishawack to ensure that our clients are responding effectively to that change in behaviour.”

“Our Digital team is essential to our position as a comprehensive communications specialist for the pharmaceutical industry,” commented Oliver Dennis, CEO of the Fishawack Group. “Many companies treat digital delivery as an isolated discipline, but it needs an integrated approach with the scientific content that is being delivered. That’s the service that Fishawack provides.”

For more information about Fishawack’s digital capabilities, please contact Dr Martin Callaghan.

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