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Transatlantic teams connect with clients as JK Associates, Inc, celebrates first year with the Fishawack Group

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

JK Associates, Inc, is celebrating its first year as part of the Fishawack Group of Companies, one of the largest independent medical communications organizations.

JK Associates joined Fishawack in March 2014, expanding Fishawack’s presence in the US significantly with teams based near Philadelphia (PA) and Ann Arbor (MI), and adding to the Fishawack Communications team already based near Philadelphia. In August 2014, the US team expanded further with a new Fishawack Communications office in San Francisco (CA).

“The first year as part of the Fishawack Group has been very positive for us,” explained John ‘Zeke’ Czekanski, co-founder of JK Associates, and now President, US Operations, for Fishawack. “As well as growing the Group’s business and footprint in the US, we have had great success in establishing transatlantic teams with our colleagues in the UK and Switzerland – our global clients have US and European teams and they value Fishawack’s local presence where they are.”

“We have particularly connected with clients based on the West Coast with our Fishawack Communications office in San Francisco,” added Kevin D Pawley, co-founder of JK Associates, and now Chief Operating Officer, US Operations, for Fishawack. “Having members of the Fishawack team on their doorsteps in, for example, both Basel and San Francisco, facilitates transatlantic working, and provides them with local access to our wider global organization.”

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