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hcpConnect® videoconference solution is driving new prescriptions

Posted on Nov 18, 2015

JK Associates’ campaign of hcpConnect® programs, a videoconferencing solution, has proven to positively impact physicians’ prescribing decisions. According to Eric Burkett, Vice President, Digital Events & Solutions at the Fishawack Group, “Recent return on investment (ROI) data reported from several clients show that hcpConnect programs are generating significantly more prescriptions—nearly double—compared with traditional in-office and venue-based programs.”

ROI data collected from October 2014 through March 2015 show that physicians who attended hcpConnect programs generated as many as 20 incremental new prescriptions each. “We know that physicians who attend educational programs are more likely to act on what they’ve learned,” said Burkett. “But our hcpConnect programs have seen some surprising impact compared with other similar programs.”

The impact of hcpConnect programs may be related to the type of physician who participates in the programs. “hcpConnect videoconferencing reaches about a third more of the most active and involved physicians and offices,” says Burkett, “what the pharmaceutical industry refers to as ‘tier 1’ physicians.” ROI data show that a high number of tier 1 attendees participate in hcpConnect programs, while venue-based programs (programs held in local restaurants or hotels) have higher overall attendance.

hcpConnect is a web-based learning activity that allows healthcare providers to have a collaborative experience from the convenience of their home office. Through interactive communications technology, hcpConnect offers robust discussion between local offices and leading, nationally recognized clinicians via a secure internet platform.

JK Associates was the first to develop this highly innovative technology and is the first company to have proven ROI results. The team launched hcpConnect in 2012 and the offerings continue to expand, with the addition of hcpConnect advisory meetings and other educational programs that extend the reach of medical education for healthcare providers and patients alike.

® hcpConnect is a registered trademark of JK Associates, Inc. – A member of the Fishawack Group of Companies.

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