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Do you want a digital agency that understands the medical and commercial communication objectives of your product, as well as the digital tools and channels that would be the most appropriate?

Many agencies offer digital solutions, but Fishawack Digital is rare in blending scientific and commercial insight with digital expertise to help you communicate to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Effective, compliant and appropriate-for-audience communications with HCPs is a key area for commercial success of any brand, and is a Fishawack Group core competency. The Fishawack Digital team represents an investment by the company to expand and augment our portfolio of demonstrated long-term experience in this key area with a modern, digital perspective.

Fishawack Digital offers a range of innovative, engaging, solutions and consultancy services. Our approach is tailored to the needs of individual projects and is based on implementing the right technology and solutions at the right time, and communicating via the right channels. We will not recommend the use of available channels or technology to you without a solid, objective-driven rationale. Our clients typically include brand managers, medical affairs teams, publications managers and training managers, but irrespective of your role, we can enhance your internal and external medical communications and training, your commercial activities, and your events.

Our dynamic, highly experienced, multidisciplinary team is fully integrated into the other service and support departments across the Fishawack Group and can work alongside your existing account team to help ensure delivery of effective digital solutions. For more information, please visit our contact page.

Sound waves can be powerful and are used in all sorts of settings from dentistry, to surgery to demolition. The most powerful sound of all is that of dialogue, and the most powerful tool for dialogue is digital communication.

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