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Across the Fishawack Group we have expertise in communicating product value both in economical and clinical terms. Our approach to payer, regulator and other key stakeholder communication initiatives are designed to support successful market access and value demonstration that is driven by local, regional and global market insights combined with a robust scientific methodology.

Market Access

Predicting the reaction to an event is key to creating desirable ripples. Navigation through the obstacles and crafting persuasive pieces that call to action is the source of momentum.

What we can do to support your Market Access Communications?

Core to our offering are the following MA communication tools and initiatives:

    Data generation and communication

  • Health economic modelling
  • Interactive budget impact modelling
  • Clinical trial planning/protocols
  • Health economic/QoL publications
  • Market access strategy development
  • Value Message Compendiums

    Insights research

  • Environmental/landscape reviews
  • Competitor intelligence/benchmarking
  • Payer research/advisory boards
  • Influencer mapping

    MA publications

  • Evidence reviews
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Critical appraisal
  • Meta-analyses

    Pricing & reimbursement

  • Pricing/reimbursement research
  • Value dossiers
  • HTA submissions
  • Patient access schemes
  • Local resource tools
  • Value defence objection handlers

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