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Medical education

Education is a continuing and dynamic process, and Fishawack is well placed to develop educational programmes that reinforce communication messages and create impact by engaging audiences.

Who needs medical education programmes?

Effective medical education is key to developing both internal and external audiences’ understanding. Continuing educational development is of increasing importance among healthcare professionals. Fishawack delivers high-quality and credible medical education suitable for all target groups.

How is it best delivered?

Different people learn in different ways: through seeing, listening or by a more hands-on approach. Whatever the audience’s preferred learning style, Fishawack can provide innovative and engaging training programmes and materials including:

  • educational workshops
  • train-the-trainer sessions
  • training manuals (interactive and print-based)
  • self-learning guides

We strive to achieve embedded knowledge, something that is sustained until it is needed, occurring in each of us at different times and for different reasons. Effective education provides reinforcement through different learning styles until that point of resonant frequency has been achieved.

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