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From conception to completion, Fishawack ensures that each stage of the writing process is performed to a consistently high standard. Writing excellence and commitment to quality underpin our approach. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering projects that are scientifically credible and that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Our delivery teams are very familiar with the guidance provided to pharmaceutical companies by FDAAA, EFPIA, IFPMA, PhRMA, ABPI (and other individual country-level organisations) on promotion, publications, and interactions with healthcare professionals. Our writers are all conversant with Good Publication Practice (2), ICMJE and CONSORT recommendations. Many of our clients have either their own policies or interpretation of these guidelines. In this case we follow the policies of our individual clients and advise on general practice if requested or required. We have in-house publication specialists who can provide guidance and advice in relation to current policies, recommendations and regulations, as required.

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The publication landscape is an ever-changing vista with each new publication adding key new features. Keeping the outlook in balance and avoiding distortions ensures that we see the evidence for how it really is.

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