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Stakeholder relations, including expert engagement

External engagement by the pharma, biopharma and medical device industry has evolved away from the traditional tactical approach of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) activities towards a more holistic and strategic ‘stakeholder relationship management’ approach. Fishawack pioneers this field through the unique insights of an experienced in-house team of internationally recognised stakeholder relations professionals from within the pharma industry.

Stakeholder relations strategic planning and engagement is central to the commercial success of any brand in a constantly changing environment. Understanding your strategic stakeholder relations business needs, internally and externally, and creating and executing a well thought out business plan is central to the expertise of the Fishawack team. Find out more about what makes our approach different here!

Stakeholder Relations

Relationships are living, breathing, continuous and dynamic. They strengthen through shared experience. It is vital to have the sensitivity to be in tune with the pulse of each individual, whilst fostering a shared sense of purpose.

“Understanding the needs of new key stakeholders, while adapting to a complex and evolving healthcare environment, are key challenges that the pharmaceutical companies have to overcome to ensure patients can access their medicines”
PharmaForum. Market access challenges driving pharma change. - Arnault Billy - 2010
“Thanks to the internet and social media, there is a growing and vocal group of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are not necessarily academics or people who talk at conferences. Rather, they are bloggers, pundits and healthcare professionals whose voices and expertise—once largely behind the scenes—are now being amplified on the internet”
FirstWord Dossier. KOL Relationship Development: Leveraging Social Media Platforms – 2012
“Effective key opinion leader management is important as the number of key opinion leaders that a company forms relationships with increases”
Cutting Edge- Increase thought leader participation and solidify key opinion leader efforts. Cutting Edge Research Group - 2009

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