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Life as a Lead Medical Writer for HEOR

Brandy Menges reveals what it takes to succeed as a Lead Medical Writer in health economics and outcomes research at Fishawack Health

Brandy Menges

Lead Medical WriterPennsylvania, USA

Why were you drawn to your role?

Towards the end of my Ph.D program, I began to realize that I no longer saw myself pursuing a career in academia. I was searching for a career path that intersects science, analyzing complex data, writing, scientific communications, and education for different audiences. Medical writing ticked all those boxes – it felt like the ideal career for me.

Before joining Fishawack Health, I worked at a small consulting firm as a writer and research associate in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR). Within that role, I learned about patient outcomes, real-world evidence, and economic evaluations for informing healthcare decision-making. As a result, HEOR appealed to me. I enjoy developing materials that clearly communicate the clinical and economic value of a product.

What is your favorite thing about the role?

No two days look the same because we’re immersed in a constantly evolving environment. What I like most about working in HEOR at Fishawack Health is that my work is giving patients a voice and helping them to access treatments faster.

I love being able to use my scientific knowledge and technical training to interpret complex data sets across multiple therapy areas, utilize problem-solving skills, writing skills, and creative flair to develop publications and incorporate data into compelling value stories.

My role also allows me to develop a diverse skill set, improve professional and personal skills, and learn about new disease areas and their management – meaning that I can stay close to the rigour of science whilst honing my skills elsewhere.

What does it take to succeed in your role?

A natural ability to utilize and marry raw scientific knowledge with problem-solving skills, writing prowess and a creative and innovative outlook are the main ingredients required to produce impactful publications that incorporate rigorous data into compelling value stories.

Fishawack Health are exceptional at advocating for each member to succeed in their respective roles. I engage in regular training sessions both in technical skills development and soft skills development, personalized to my scope of work and personal goals. Examples include leadership, writing, and presentation skills trainings that are helping me achieve my aspiration to efficiently and holistically onboard and mentor more new members who join our team.

Why Fishawack Health?

Opportunities for personal and professional growth are important to me – and Fishawack Health offered both and more! There’s a clear path for development and loads of training opportunities. I also love that there are a lot of women in leadership positions as that kind of inclusion in the workplace is something that is really important to me.

What I like most about the work environment is that culture has always been positive and supportive between team members and leaders – they’re always quick to applaud you on a job well done. I feel like my work and time is valued.

With all that work, is there time for play?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family – including my two 3-legged dogs! I also enjoy reading, hiking, and watching cooking shows. I equally devote my time to causes that are important to me. I support the Tripawds foundation and the Pledge Her Out Best, an organization working towards creating a more inclusive environment for people of color (POC) at my undergraduate college. As a mil spouse, women in military are particularly close to my heart, so I also dedicate my time to advocate for changes in law for the community.


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