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Life as a Senior Consultant in our Consulting team

Senior Consultant Ankita Pai is based in London, UK. She takes you through her typical workday at Fishawack Health’s Consulting team.

Ankita Pai

Senior ConsultantLondon, UK

What’s a typical day like?

Each day is different. Hybrid working has meant that a large portion of my day is a mishmash of client and internal calls. When working within the internal team, I spend time reviewing and guiding their work, structuring deliverables and collaborating with different teams to build frameworks that break down the solutions to our clients’ problems.

Externally, in addition to leading client meetings and workshops to share our ideas and brainstorm solutions, I often work with external agencies for market research, and speak to healthcare stakeholders to understand our target market better.

I’m lucky enough that my day often allows me time to engage in personalized development training sessions, as well as group sessions that Fishawack Health run on a regular basis. Examples include advanced presentation skills, the art of negotiation, PowerPoint development and pitching for business development, to name a few!

What does your role consist of, and why were you drawn to it?

I started at Blue Latitude Health (now integrated into Fishawack Health) as a Consultant soon after I moved to the UK. I was initially drawn to this role because it enabled me to apply the core consulting skills I learned through my previous experience in an organization also focused on the life sciences industry.

A year on as a Senior Consultant now, I’m the client lead on several projects. My projects involve solving complex client challenges and supporting them in making tough, but informed decisions in order to win in their disease space.

Why Fishawack Health?

I wanted to work in an exclusively healthcare-focused consulting firm when I moved to the UK. Upon joining Fishawack Health, I benefitted first-hand from the breadth of capabilities we can serve our clients across the spectrum of their functional needs—from consulting to creative marketing, and medical communications. Because we offer services across the entire product lifecycle, our teams can engage in cross-functional collaboration to deliver the best outcomes for patients, HCPs and our clients.

With all that work, is there time for play?

I’ve been learning Indian classical vocal music in my free time since 2010 to keep in touch with my creative side and take on something that is immensely challenging and beautiful at the same time. It has been complicated in the past to balance work and personal commitments with learning music. However, the pandemic has congregated more teachers online, which now allows me to pursue my training with much more flexibility! I hope to take my 4th level exam by the end of this year.

Since the pandemic began, I have also been exploring different hobbies and am currently addicted to raising house plants (I have about 25 now and many more to go)!

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