29th June 2020

Marketer Roundtable: Sales Force Effectiveness in the Age of COVID-19

Industry Perspectives on the Future of the Life Science Sales Force.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stay-at-home orders used around the globe have had an immediate dampening effect on the sales and marketing efforts of life science companies. With HCP calls, speaker programs and medical congresses on hold, many field sales teams have been temporarily grounded while leadership determines a path forward.

2e, part of Fishawack Health, recently hosted a roundtable discussion on this topic via video conference with clients and agency leaders. Download the resulting roundtable whitepaper to gain unique insights and perspectives on how we as an industry can navigate the:

  • Collaboration of Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Design of Virtual Training Programming
  • Adoption of Technologies and Platform Solutions
  • Replication of the Live Event Experience
  • Adaptations of the Sales Force Communication and Incentive Models
  • Download the whitepaper today

    2e is part of Fishawack Health, the agency's creative, digital and sales force training experts bring a wealth of experience to our integrated teams across Medical, Creative and Consulting. 

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