Season 2 of Beyond the Molecule – a healthcare innovation podcast

14 June 2021

We’re back for season 2 of Beyond the Molecule – a podcast where we interview industry pioneers to uncover the untold stories of healthcare innovation.

In this podcast we speak to the scientists, drug developers, and healthcare technology entrepreneurs behind the healthcare industry’s leading innovations to learn how they turned their ideas into products and services that truly transform lives. We chart their successes and failures to map the moments that defined them and reveal their personal career journeys to discover how they succeeded in an industry where 90% of products fail.

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Meet the hosts

Ross Toohey_CCO_Podcast host

Ross Toohey

Chief Commercial Officer, Fishawack Health
Prior to becoming CCO, Ross served as CEO of our member agency 2e. He has two-decades of life science marketing and strategy experience and is an active member of Young Presidents’ Organization and the Forbes Agency Council. He was also recently names MM&M Silver Entrepreneur of the Year. Ross born entrepreneur and is interested in understanding our guests personal career journey’s and getting to the heart of why they are passionate about becoming change-makers in the life science industry.
James Atherton_podcast host_managing consultant

James Atherton

Managing Consultant, Fishawack Health
James leads our US Consulting capability and is a core member of our Diversity and Inclusion board. Over the years, he has developed the strategic IP of our Consulting capability and has worked across a range of clients and project types; from business transformation for Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim, to brand and launch strategies for Janssen. He is particularly interested in the intersection between healthcare and technology and is driven to shine a light on healthcare inequalities.


#3 How does Roche and Genentech drive inclusive research globally?

Approximately 80% of clinical research and genomic studies consist of data from Caucasian participants. Roche and Genentech are determined to change that. Nicole Riche, Global Head of Health Equity and Population Science, reveals how her team developed a pioneering global strategy to address healthcare disparities across the entire product lifecycle to ensure the promise of personalized health care becomes a reality for all patients.

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#2 How do you use AI to diagnose rare diseases?

The rare disease diagnostic odyssey lasts on average 4.5 years. But what would happen if a novel innovation could diagnose a person with a rare disease instantly? Vanessa Lemarié, Director of Life Sciences Business Development and Program Owner of the Rare Disease Initiative at Ada Health, explains how the company is leveraging their ground-breaking AI technology to simplify diagnostic pathways and make the rare disease diagnostic odyssey a thing of the past.

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#1 How do you ensure clinical trial access for all? 

The virtual clinical trial space exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. We chat to Medable founder & CEO Michelle Longmire to explore how her global platform empowers clinicians to develop patient-centric research strategies. We uncover how she’s coped with the rapid success that saw the company’s revenue grow by more than 500% in 2020, & what the future holds for decentralized clinical trials & digital endpoints.

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#0 Trailer: We’re back for season 2

James Atherton is back for season 2 of the Fishawack Health podcast Beyond the Molecule, and this time he’s accompanied by brand new co-host Ross Toohey. This season they uncover new never-before-told stories of healthcare innovation and chat to the CEOs, life science pioneers, and healthcare tech entrepreneurs transforming patient outcomes with cutting-edge solutions.

Listen on Apple podcasts and Spotify – subscribe and never miss an episode.

 Listen to season 1 here


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