Who we are

We are pioneering navigators

The team

It’s not about us

It’s about building a better future

An adept guide, comprising the best minds in medical communications, creative and consulting, Fishawack Health boasts lifetimes of collective experience to empower every step from research and development to lasting legacy.

There’s strength in numbers

  • 2001

    The year Fishawack Health was founded

  • 99+

    Clients we currently work with worldwide

  • 10

    Different cities we have offices in around the world

  • 135+

    Specialists working for Fishawack Health

  • 0

    KOL panels in lung, oncology-hematology, hepatology, dermatology and ophthalmology


    Bold, agile, connected company

Our values

Less talk. More teeth
We believe in authenticity

We are honest in our relationships, transparent in our communication and passionate about our work, our clients, their customers and their patients and causes.

We prioritize people

We support and respect one another in a nurturing, inspiring and diverse professional environment.

We have collaboration in our DNA

We thrive with the strength of our collective talent and expertise.

We revere the power of communication

We fuse data, strategic thinking and storytelling to change behavior and transform lives.

We celebrate originality

We champion fresh ideas, inspire creativity and channel imagination into innovation.

We cultivate fearlessness in each other

We are bold, curious and entrepreneurial by nature. We embrace challenge with vigor and adapt to change with agility. We take risks because we have confidence in our prowess and our ability to achieve.

Our vision

Fearlessly moving forward. Together

Fishawack is built for the new, dynamically changing healthcare environment. We bring world-class scientific, creative and strategic experts together in a richly collaborative environment designed to help our clients swiftly and confidently navigate this complex landscape.

Fueled by entrepreneurial drive and an obsession for excellence, our pack of navigators provides clients unique access to a vast spectrum of finely tuned commercialization capabilities.

Together, let's shape the future of healthcare.

Our story

So why Fishawack?

Fishawack was the name given to a river in the Northeastern region of the US by a Native American tribe. Folklore has it that those who came across the Fishawack were bestowed good fortune. This held true for our Founders when they passed this waterway en route to their first big win. And the rest is history. Look closely and you can still see that river flowing in our name.

Meet the leadership team

Fred Bassett

Head of Consulting

Rachel Davies

President Medical Communications

Oliver Dennis

Chief Executive Officer

Gail Flockhart

Group President

Dominic Miller

Chief Operating Officer / Head of M&A

Ruth Percival

Chief Integration Officer

Dawn Rich

Managing Director Market Access at Skysis

Kelly Shipley

Group HR Director

David Snowball

Chief Finance Officer

Phil Thomas

Chief Technology Officer

Ross Toohey

Chief Commercial Officer

Dan Twibell

Managing Director Commercial Strategy at Skysis

Sherri Wilkins

President Commercial Services

Simon Young

Director of Marketing and Sales Operations

To optimize outcomes we need to be able to deal with complexity. This needs to be built into our ways of working.”

Oliver Dennis

Our clients

We support clients from across the life science industry, including leaders in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical device and digital health.

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