FH deepens key capabilities and builds an integrated delivery model under new Chief Marketing and Creative Officer

May 31, 2023

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As we integrate our key offerings and delivery model, polymath marketer Ryan Mason will lead Fishawack Health’s newly expanded Marketing group, and Jeffrey D. Erb is charged with growing our media and analytics team as Chief Media Officer.

Tenured agency executive Ryan Mason has been promoted to Chief Marketing and Creative Officer at Fishawack Health (FH). As we focus on integrating key capabilities within FH’s Marketing division, Ryan will unite our creative, brand, and engagement strategy and media and analytics teams to seamlessly deliver connected customer experiences built on data-driven insight.

As part of this integrated offering, industry veteran Jeffrey D. Erb has been selected to serve FH as Chief Media Officer. Jeff is charged with growing our media and analytics capabilities to expand specialized tools and resources in house.

“Ryan’s ability to foster and build teams across creative, brand, and engagement strategy and media and analytics disciplines makes him the perfect leader as we continue to offer stakeholder-centric and integrated solutions, seamlessly connecting strategy with execution,” said Mario Muredda, President, Marketing. “Jeff’s deep expertise in advancing media and analytics capabilities is core to helping our clients deliver personalized experiences that increase awareness, shift beliefs and behaviors, and are optimized in real time.

Ryan and Jeff will collaborate with our Chief Strategy Officer Drew Desjardins and our Chief Technology Officer Geoff Thorne to provide unified subject matter experts embedded within client accounts and create seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints.

“FH has a desire to create an environment where the entrepreneurial spirit fosters inventive and innovative programs with the scale, maturity and capabilities of a large agency,” said Ryan. “Taking on this role is a precious opportunity because it will enable us to not only implement sustainable change within the agency but also, more importantly, to deliver a unified service offering that will benefit our clients and their customers. What’s thrilling about this new integrated model that we’re building is the collection of talent with the readiness and interest within the culture that exists. These don’t often align in other companies, but we are able to do this and do it well.”

Originally trained in graphic design and economics, Ryan has the unusual distinction of having held the roles of Chief Creative Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Digital Officer. The throughline in these roles has been a pursuit to develop marketing experiences that are highly relevant, strategically sound, meaningfully motivating, and rooted in deep empathy. A testament to Ryan’s abilities includes a patient engagement rare disease campaign that was recognized with a prestigious Cannes Pharma Lion award in 2021.

Jeff has a track record of driving transformational change within the pharmaceutical media industry and building dynamic, culture-rich teams responsible for the development and deployment of targeted and optimized campaigns. Jeff is a recognized thought leader in the healthcare industry and is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including induction into the DTC Hall of Fame by DTC Perspectives and being named to MM+M’s Health Influencer 50 list.

The integration of capabilities under the Marketing umbrella is purposeful. According to Mario, “Our unified model enables us to tap into data and deep customer insights to develop highly relevant, content-rich experiences. Medical, strategy, creative, and media work seamlessly together to maximize the relevance of a brand and to accelerate growth for our clients.”

In addition to leading their Marketing colleagues, Ryan, based in Chicago, and Jeff, based in Philadelphia, will also collaborate with our community of experts in Medical; Digital Experience Technology; Policy, Value, Evidence and Access; and Consulting across 19 hubs spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.

Partnering with biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness clients, Ryan and Jeff are excited to lead interdisciplinary teams, simplifying the complex to find meaning in the science, taking a customer-centric approach to ensure that as many patients as possible benefit from scientific breakthroughs.


Get in touch to learn more about our marketing services for biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness clients.

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